Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Artists, Technologies, Organisations and Competitions

There is a wide gap between artists that utilise technology as a medium for expression and technologists who use art as a medium for communication, and then there are the corporations that use art as a cool front..
Mind the gap - watch out for academic arscience, hidden agendas and the Emperors New Clothes..

A few alternative links:: (the larger and more well known organisations are listed at the end - ars electronica, MIT et al)

Art as Lucrative Entertainent
Art as Advertising and Corporate PR - cutting edge blog with humour and information - pseudo corporate artists, famous for hijacking sites, battling etoys USA and winning over the name and making a disturbing appearance at ars electronica...

Art as Science - or Science as Art?? - Brighton based art and science organisation - accessible and fun

Art Projects for free of (c) Tm reg - ideas for free!

Competitons, Prizes and research organisations..

ars electronica - yearly festival in Linz and competition - very prestigious
Vida - Spanish A Life competition - pleasantly quirky


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